Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Christian Schleuning

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Christian Schleuning

Founder and mastermind

Christian is the founder and mastermind of the BiotechProfSchleuning platform.

Christian worked as a managing director in a scientific publishing house and as a management consultant for well-known German corporations. After taking over the chair of General Business Administration at the HWTK Leipzig, he received teaching assignments at different German and international universities.

Christian is also founder of the non-profit German Rwanda Foundation with official NGO status in Rwanda. Investor in several biotech companies in the USA and shareholder. Since 2020, he is an official member of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) review committee for “Internationalization of Universities”.

Diploma studies in economic geography, journalism and politics at the University of Mainz. Master’s degree in International Marketing at Reutlingen University in Baden-Württemberg. Doctorate at the University of Mannheim.