Dr. Kai Blau

Dr. Kai Blau

Aging Biology & Genetics

Kai joined the team as an advisor in August 2020. He brings many years of experience in biochemical and cell biology research in both scientific operations and science communication. During his Ph.D., Kai focused on mitochondrial proteostasis and investigated the role of specific chaperones and proteases in mitochondrial function and health.

Since July 2021, Kai has been a Research Analyst at BiotechProfSchleuning. Previously, he worked at the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Aging in Cologne, Germany, where his responsibilities included internal and external communications and writing press releases for the institute’s scientific publications. Kai holds a Ph.D. in genetics and an M.Sc. in biological sciences, both from the University of Cologne.

Since 2017, Kai has been volunteering at Greenpeace Cologne. There he leads the working group for the topic of peace. Kai also works with the Radio AG of Greenpeace Cologne and conducts interviews on peace and environmental policy issues.

Since 2018, Kai has been publishing popular science articles on the topics of cell biology, genetics, and genetic engineering on his website www.blaubiologie.de, for which he independently develops concepts, researches, and creates illustrations.