Nils Decrop

Nils Decrop Dipl. Ing.

Data analyst and statistics expert

An exceptional entrepreneur, Nils is COO of an IT company that he founded with friends in 2003 and currently employs around 150 consultants. With offices in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Geneva, Valencia and St. Petersburg, the company’s customers are exclusively Top 500 companies. For BiotechProfSchleuning, Nils performs complex data analysis, statistics and various evaluations.

Nils has more than 20 years of consulting experience in the areas of master data management, product information management, data integration, data quality, customer data platform, data management, and Robotic process automation. After his education he was employed in a mining company before moving to a global consulting firm.

Nils completed his engineering degree at Centrale Supelec, Engineer de l’Ecole Centrale de Paris in the field of Production/R&D. Nils has acquired significant knowledge of biotech sector investments over the last two decades, an activity he started as a hobby. He enjoys sharing his investment opinions, which he publishes from time to time in papers and on social media.