Science for Life – BiotechProfSchleuning

The BiotechProfSchleuning platform is highly specialized in healthcare and biotechnology companies. We focus on lucrative and future-oriented companies with innovative, unique approaches.

Our spectrum ranges from companies with newly developed molecules to therapuetic platform technologies and novel medical devices. We reduce risks through our unique scientific approach of selection and a close contact to the respective companies.

BiotechProfSchleuning is for the selected companies a bridge to the future by promoting sustainable healthcare concepts.

The scientific approach of the BiotechProfSchleuning platform

We focus on the few promising companies in a sea of over a thousand biotech companies. These are all (!) filtered in a multi-stage process according to a defined set of criteria. They are then analyzed and reviewed by our scientific team according to the probability of success of their processes and products.

Our structure enables short decision-making processes and a quick reaction to changing conditions. We are “small, fast, successful”. You are welcome to draw on our know-how or cooperate with us if it makes sense for both sides.

Scientists and analysts

Our carefully selected scientific team for reviewing and assessing the research activity and the research results as well as the progress of the companies we have selected consists of first-class, international scientific top specialists.

Science for Life - this is what we support with our methodology

Through its unique scientific approach, BiotechProfSchleuning identifies companies with outstanding medical products and therapeutic approaches. We select those companies whose products deliver real value to patients and outperform competitors based on superior study results. For us, that is Science for Life.